Managing customer accounts is an art based on special techniques

My DSO Manager team can help you utilize your skills to improve your current cash collection and risk management techniques.

The world is changing fast so you have to align yourself accordingly if you want to stay performant.


Why should you choose a training based on cash collection or risk management ?


Because we are the builders of the tool which will increase your performance :

  • Optimizing your collection scenarios
  • Managing your promise to pay
  • Using easly different collection medias
  • Determining a credit limit
  • Organizing your work with a collection agenda

Multiple axes to improve and optimize your Cash collection and risks management

  • Training and coaching your teams for more performance
  • Controlling the keys for negotiation
  • Relying on reporting to effectively manage your receivable
  • Améliorer et enrichir ses techniques de recouvrement
  • Improving your collection techniques
  • Refining risk management to secure sales

A simple solution to mix know-how and soft skills