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How to create or modify credit limit validation levels?

My DSO Manager allows you to manage Credit limits validations.

In My DSO Manager , the credit limit is managed at the level of the legal entity. If you have multiple accounts that belong to the same legal entity, the credit limit has to be checked compare to the consolidated receivable of all of these accounts.

From Settings / Manage credit limits validation :

1 Tab Settings → set your approval rules:

Choose the expiration time, and the action to take if it expires; also define whether the request should be submitted at lower levels.

Validation settings

It is possible to define the validation levels apply on the unsecured part of the credit limit (credit limit - credit insurance guarantee amount - other guarantees) or based on the credit limit amount. To define this preference, contact us.
Users now have the option to make credit limit validation requests, see the dedicated online help:
How to validate credit limits?

2 Tab Validation levels → set your approval rules:

Validation level list

Validation level

An error message will be displayed if a person requests a credit limit beyond the maximum approval level set in My DSO Manager.

→ Set a credit limit for example to "99,999,999" to give a validator an unlimited level.
→ You can grant the same level of validation to two people, for example to manage absences or co-validations. In this case, validation of only one of the two persons is necessary.

3 Set in Setting / Manage risk the standard Credit limits validity duration. This can be personalized for each request.

4 Tab Requests history → view the requests and their states:

Validation history

For all requests, the person at the highest level has the hand to validate.
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