News My DSO Manager

My DSO Manager news of February, 16th 2018

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager:

  • Calculator added in the customer sheet → the total amount of the selected items is displayed as they are checked
    This allows in a few clicks to display a sum, which is very convenient in case of telephonic exchange with your customers for example and before items qualification.

  • Two developments concerning the aging balance have been released to make it more relevant:

    • the % of each bracket now appears on the graph columns to better understand the results
      % not due
    • the report is filterable by item type (invoice, payment, ...) and allows to exclude some items types in order to improve the analysis
      Filterable by item type

  • New #Hashtag displaying the not due item list exclusively: #items_list_not_due
  • DSO → it is possible to set up your account so that the DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) is calculated according to the US GAAP standard (calculation method and calendar).
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