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Personalize your collections actions with photos and signatures in your documents

The customization of dunning actions is a key factor of success of your Debt Collection management. It conveys the image and the seriousness of your company.

In additions to be able to write dynamic and customizable documents (e-mails, SMS, letters, ...) using tags #HashtagsMy DSO Manager now integrates photos allowing to include handwritten signature, the user's photo, a promotional image, an official e-mail signature of your company, ...
HashtagsPDF letters

Customized actions improve the relevance of your actions and cancel out any robotic effect that would reduce their effectiveness and the quality of your business relationship.

The main user photo is displayed at differents places in My DSO Manager to reinforce the friendliness of the software.
Collection and items status history

The user can also chose to display its main photo in the page interactive shared with your customers.
Interactive collection

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