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Display the evolution of disputes and other statuses (promises to pay ...)

In line with the new features that have been released last weeks, it is now possible to visualize the evolution of disputes and other statuses (promises to pay, litigation, ...etc.). These improvements have been applied on « Disputes » and « Items status » reports.
Disputes trend
This is particularly interesting in order to see improvements or deterioration of performance on multiple axes and to highlight the root causes of late payments.

If the filter is activated on a particular type of dispute in the « Disputes » report, you can view the evolution of this type of dispute by amount of receivables or number of items concerned.
Disputes trend

It is also possible to set a date to display the status of disputes at a previous date.
Disputes trend

A table including a list of customers and amounts on that date is displayed below the graph. If you click on a customer to open his account, the current situation of the receivables is displayed.