News My DSO Manager

News My DSO Manager (Tuesday, December 13 2016)

Here are the new features recently added to My DSO Manager:

  • Importing your data by SFTP → Automatic import via FTP is now possible in SFTP (SSH FTP) and FTPS (FTP secure) to meet all needs.
    Import SFTP with My DSO Manager
    Sending of files can be done at any time of the day and several times a day if necessary. Data, actions and reports are updated in real time.
    The processing time by My DSO Manager of a file of 10 000 open pieces (invoices, credit notes ... etc) is only a few seconds!
  • Force change of password in user admin: It is possible to force a user to change his password when creating his account or at any other time.
    Force password
    This feature is in addition to the existing one that allows to force password chanbge every month.
  • Addition of statutes and status dates in alerts setup: It is now possible to define alerts with these additional criteria to, for example, highlight the last disputes created or to filter on the promises to pay not respected by your customers.
    Custom alerts
  • Viewing the latest comments in the interactive page: The last comments entered by your client now appear in the interactive page in order to avoid any double input during successive dunning actions.