News My DSO Manager

News of My DSO Manager (Wednesday, May 11 2016)

Here are the new features recently added to MY DSO MANAGER

  • Improvement of the actions dates of collection scenarios
    My DSO Manager smartly sets the date for the next dunning action according to the due date of the invoice or the date of the last action.

  • New #Hashtag available to create and customize your dunning documents templates (e-mails, letters, SMS, interactive e-mails...).
    #items_amount_overdue_exclude_disputes_and_litigations → Overdue amount excluding disputed and litigation items
    #client_name_business → Customer business name
    #client_name_trading → Customer trading name
    #my_company_name_business → My company business name
    #my_company_name_trading → My company trading name
  • Possibility to add HTML code in dunning letters PDF to add bold text, italic, ... It is possible to add in the mail templates html style tags.
    Eg for bold text, frame the text with <b> and </b>