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News My DSO Manager
Thursday, August 1 2019

In My DSO Manager, it's possible to identify quickly the accounts you could group the collection ! It's pretty easy, you can make a multi-criteria advanced search or have a look to the risk repport which natively displays the accounts that have the same Legal ID : ...
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My DSO Manager news of june, 4th 2019
Tuesday, June 4 2019

Improvement of the history of the actions completed → it is now possible to download in PDF e-mails sent. Visualization and downloading of the documents is facilitated by a double button to perform both actions. Improved formatting (e-mails, dunning letters) in particular ...
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What is your collection goal for the current month?
Monday, April 1 2019

The "Total collectable" includes all the transactions that are overdue or that will be due during this month. This is your objective. The "Remains to collect" is the remaining amount to be collected to achieve this goal. The "Collection efficiency rate" represents your ...
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Follow your monthly recovery rate
Wednesday, March 20 2019

3 additional columns indicating the total amount to be recovered on current month, the remaining amount to recover, and the recovery rate the detail by customer, which allows to zoom directly on the customers whose recovery rate is not satisfactory Including ...
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My DSO Manager news of March, 7th 2019
Thursday, March 7 2019

Customer risk management & Evolution of the Credit notation → you can now create several scoring templates with full flexibility on the number of criteria and possible answers, then choose the one you want to use for each customer. Associate / disassociate in mass → it is now ...
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Connect Dun & Bradstreet with My DSO Manager
Wednesday, February 20 2019

Since few days, it's possible to integrate your Dun & Bradstreet data (Paydex, Score and Recommended Credit) to your customers files using our new connector. This new feature allows you to daily follow-up your account receivable against Dun & Bradstreet recommendations, and thus ...
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My DSO Manager news of January, 9th 2019
Tuesday, January 8 2019

Users access restriction to customers accounts they are assigned to. Use the Hashtag #items_list_overdue_exclude_late_penalties to display a statement of due invoices without late payment penalties, even if they are activated on the customer sheet. Use the Hashtag #items_list_monthly to ...
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Use the Hashtag #items_list_monthly !
Monday, November 12 2018

Do you want your customers to view their statement of account by months of due dates? → Use the #items_list_monthly to display a full statement of account including a subtotal per month of due dates: ...
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